I chose to research Barbara Nechis because she is a watercolor artist who paints much different than I do.  To be able to learn from your research, you have to look beyond your own ability.   

“…the less I try to copy nature, the more my paintings become a record of the entire experience.”  This quote by Nechis immediately grabbed my attention because it applies directly to my work.  I tend to paint from nature as well, but often struggle to find a meaning in my work; simply because I paint directly from the image.  From Nechis I have learned that instead of focusing on the meaning of your work, you should focus on the process of how you create your work and how to make each piece different from the next.  There is meaning in every piece of work whether you realize it or not.

I began painting fruits and flowers because they made me happy; the bright colors and shapes are pleasing to the eye.  Over the summer, I decided to paint bones (spine) because it actually had relevance in my life.  But what I failed to realize was that it kind of depressed me because it was only showing the bluer side of me.  I hope my pieces in the future expand off of this artist study; whether it’s switching media or color scheme.  I want to start a series of something totally new that has a bright and happy feel to it. 


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