I am glad Liz Tran was recommended for me to study because her art is very similar to mine.  The only real difference is that she usually has a basic structure for her art and she uses much brighter colors.

Liz Trans color schemes flow well together.  Although they seem girly, the patterns and colors she incorporates work really well together.  My last three works have been made up of the same colors: red, yellow, light blue, dark teal, off-white and gold.  These are the colors of the walls in my room and I decided to portray them in my work.  I may try expanding my color scheme a bit, and I have already started making some of the colors more transparent as well as keeping others completely opaque. 

I see a lot of my style in Liz Tran’s work.  We both have a keen focus on tight detail and basic shapes.  Liz Tran has a tendency to paint loose, larger circles; similar to mine, however, she utilizes more negative space than I do.  I am interested in trying to use negative space more effectively as well as including tighter, more intricate detail work.  I may need to try a variety of other brushes or pens to create such thin lines and detail to achieve the effect I want. 

Mike Guyer
1/22/2013 04:48:50 am

I can't imagine a more suited artist for you to study. I think you should really spend some time looking at her installation, and start to consider what could happen to your work if it lived on both the wall and the picture plane simultaneously. There is a lot of potential for that in your work.


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