This piece consists of the similar radial shapes and color schemes as the previous two.  However, I got a lot of feedback saying I should paint on wood to see how it looks with the wood grain showing through.  Personally, I can’t tell which one I like better, the wood grain or the stark white paper.

The smaller, more detailed circle shapes grabbed the most attention and they are more fun to create.  In the next piece, I want to experiment using different fabrics along with acrylic paint for the intricate detail work. 
Mike Guyer
1/22/2013 04:44:52 am

It makes perfect sense to paint on fabric. I'd like to see what happens when you stretch fabric tightly over a wooden surface, then work your own patterns on top of the pre-existing patterns of the fabric. Look to Kehinde Wiley and Maija Febig for inspiration with your patterning, and continue to explore your rhythmic radial designs. You have a definite understanding of color, and I look forward to the next step in the evolution of your work.


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