When creating this piece, I decided to take bits from the previous one that stood out.  I kept the same basic color scheme, while making many parts more translucent.  To me, this piece has a more feminine and playful feel to it which portrays my personality, and makes it feel more like “my work”. 

The feedback I received was positive and many liked the wider use of color.  Having this range of colors also helps when making the actual art.  There are essentially the same amounts of colors, but there is more variety which makes the piece more interesting to look at than the previous one.
Mike Guyer
1/22/2013 04:47:24 am

I'd like to see what happens when you start to play with space a bit more. Rather than filling all of the space so equally, see what happens when you work in clusters, vary the scale of the shapes, and allow for larger areas of undeveloped space to breath and balance the heavy weight of the clustered patterns. I'd be curious to see how that ends up.


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