When it became time to complete summer work, I decided I wanted to try a bunch of new things and gave it my all.  I am aware that over the past I went for the easy stuff.  I painted flowers and fruit because I thought they were pretty and enjoyed the painting process.  These prior images represented happiness, joy and the lighter side of life.  Being in Art 5, I took the time over the summer to gather materials and plan out the meaning behind my work and what it would look like.

I have invested the most time in this work than I ever have before.  I realized that even though it is good to make work purely for enjoyment, I needed to expand and make work that had a connection to me and my life.  I did not wait until the last minute to start my summer work, it took me about a month total, to create the paper canvases, paint with watercolor, and redo the image solely using chalk.  

In all honesty, the most difficult part of all my work is knowing what to create.  I typically try new things until I find something I enjoy doing and just stick with that.  So, realizing I was ready to create something new but still using the same watercolor techniques was difficult for me.
gamma Pat
1/28/2013 01:54:13 am

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To articulate the steps of your process of past works and of those to come. This whole website as well as the art pieces themselves are direct, refreshing and creative with an eye for detail.


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